Vitamin D for Your Eyes and Health

Vitamin D for healthy eyes

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Vitamin D for your eyes is necessary – in fact, it helps your entire body.

Recent studies show that low levels of Vitamin D are associated with dry eyes. Macular Degeneration, a problem in the back of the eye – the retina – may also be prevented with adequate Vitamin D in the body.

Much of the Vitamin D that our bodies need to build strong bones, defend against heart disease and bolster our immune system is produced when the sun’s rays interact with our skin cells. This key Vitamin is also found in fortified foods such as milk, orange juice and breakfast cereal.

Getting your daily dose of Vitamin D may help keep colds at bay. A 2009 study from the Massachusetts General Hospital found that lower Vitamin D levels are associated with a greater risk of upper respiratory infections. In 2012, the same group found that Vitamin D supplements can help ward off winter colds in children.  Studies also indicate that good Vitamin D levels can help you fight COVID-19 – so it can save you life!

So, be sure to get your Vitamin D by taking supplements or from the sun; it will help your eyes and your whole body!

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