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eye doctor Arlington VA eye chartAre you tired of the constant hassle of contact lenses? Do you wish you could see without glasses? If you answered “Yes,” the Arlington eye doctors at Liberty Laser Eye can help with advanced LASIK surgery or other procedures. For years we have been giving people clear vision without the need for corrective lenses. When it comes to eye doctors, Virginia’s best are at Liberty Laser, ready to help you see clearly again. We offer a free consultation to determine what procedure will best meet your needs. Our service is affordable and, most importantly, based on years of experience in advanced LASIK surgery.

Liberty Laser Eye Offers the Latest in LASIK | Arlington VA

The finest eye doctors in Northern VA offer several procedures for diagnosing your vision problems and correcting your sight with advanced LASIK laser eye surgery, as well as PRK. Here are the options for laser vision correction and LASIK Arlington customers can find at Liberty Laser Eye:
  • Wavefront Analysis: The key to correcting your vision is understanding your individual vision performance. Wavefront Analysis allows our Arlington eye doctors to diagnose the necessary changes needed to make your vision clearer and sharper.
  •  Presby-LASIK: P-LASIK is a great advancement in treating patients age 40 and over who developed farsightedness or nearsightedness. The Liberty Laser Eye doctors in Arlington VA are currently the only doctors offering this service in the Northern Virginia area.
  • All-Laser LASIK: All-Laser LASIK is a true advance in vision correction surgery.  The femtosecond laser eliminates the most serious risks associated with the LASIK procedure.
At Liberty Laser Eye we have the technology and expertise to give you the vision to lead a happier life. We’ve performed LASIK procedures on over 30,000 patients without a single vision threatening complication. If you’re looking for the best in LASIK, Arlington patients trust Liberty Laser Eye.

What is LASIK?

Since 1996 the pioneering surgeon at Liberty Laser Eye has been performing LASIK to correct vision. LASIK is a laser procedure in which a laser sculpts the cornea of the eye to correct the abnormalities that cause nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. We provide the most advanced procedures available with wavefront optimized treatment, as well as topography guided procedures. Nowhere else in the region can you benefit from these most advanced, precise and safest techniques.

What is All-Laser LASIK?

Originally LASIK procedures were performed by using a hand-held mechanical razor blade; some centers still use this. Due to complications from the original LASIK procedure, all-laser technology was developed for added precision. Liberty Laser uses Z-LASIK, the most technologically advanced form of all-laser LASIK.

Does LASIK hurt?

While the device used to keep your eyelids open during the procedure may be somewhat uncomfortable, there is no pain involved in the procedure. Anesthetic eye drops are used to ensure that you will have no pain during the surgery itself. Some patients have reported dry eyes for a short period after the procedure, but generally the recovery period is pain-free.

How will I see after the procedure?

Your vision after the LASIK procedure will be better than it was when you wore glasses. For a short period following the procedure, your vision will be good but may seem somewhat hazy.  As you heal, the vision will get better and better.

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