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Your eyes and vision are so important to you, that, although you’ve considered laser vision correction, you’ve been afraid to take a chance.  Sound familiar?  We hear this type of concern every day.  That’s why Dr. Tanchel has continued to perform all-laser LASIK, the best and safest technology to treat her patients, and why she was very pleased to be the first in 2003 to acquire the Intralase femtosecond laser; she knew the femto-laser was safer than a blade and made sure her patients were the first to benefit from this groundbreaking technology.  She was first again with the next generation of femtosecond laser – the Ziemer Femto LDV, performing Z-LASIK.

She is the most experienced LASIK surgeon in the Washington, DC metro region to utilize the femtosecond laser in her center.

All-Laser LASIK is a true advance in vision correction surgery.  The femtosecond laser eliminates the most serious risks associated with the LASIK procedure.  It is an advance in accuracy and safety which should eliminate the fear many of us have when considering a procedure to eliminate the dependence on glasses and contact lenses.

Dr. Tanchel has been using the most advanced femtosecond lasers for over 15 years, and has the experience to get the most from the technology with unsurpassed results for our patients.


Z-LASIK – The next generation of femtosecond technology

eye-with-crosshairsLiberty Laser Eye Center was first again in 2008 to acquire the Femto LDV femtosecond laser.  This is the newest generation laser for creating an All-Laser LASIK flap.  It creates a smoother flap and is easier for the patient during surgery.  Due to its unique hand-held laser delivery system, which is attached to an easily maneuverable articulated arm, patients can be treated on the patient bed of the excimer laser and do not have to be relocated between flap creation and ablation procedures as in the past with the intralase laser. Dr. Tanchel can perform and control the entire procedure from a single working position, without having to move about or changing microscopes.  Our all-laser LASIK is the safest and best technology for your peace of mind.

Z-LASIK is a completely different treatment in fundamental ways. Ziemer’s FEMTO LDV is not just another femtosecond laser, similar to Intralase, Femtec, or Zeiss. Compared to these conventional femtolasers, the FEMTO LDV operates at pulse rates that are orders of magnitude higher, pulse energies that are much lower, and delivery optics that are very tightly focused for maximum flap creation in the focal spot and no thermal or radiation effects to the surrounding tissue. Unlike other femtolaser-based treatments, Z-LASIK is a highly integrated procedure. With the combined use of state of-the-art lasers and diagnostic equipment, Z-LASIK provides the best currently available treatment for superior vision correction.

 Clinical Advantages:

* Smooth surface of stromal bed.
* Smooth edges for optimal flap closure.
* Thin flaps of even thickness.
* Rapid healing and visual recovery – faster than other procedures.
* Excellent visual outcomes.

LASIK has two steps:

1 – Creating a corneal flap.

2 – Reshaping the surface to correct the prescription.

The most serious risks associated with the procedure traditionally occurred during the creation of the flap.  In the past, a microkeratome with a blade was used to cut a flap.  Some centers still use this.  Due to the nature of the process – using a metal blade – there were some unavoidable risks.  In contrast, the femtosecond laser creates a flap with laser energy, utilizing specialized software.  This allows pinpoint accuracy and safety unmatched by any mechanical keratome.  There is no possibility of creating a thin flap, thick flap, partial flap, buttonhole flap or corneal abrasion.  No one has ever gone blind or needed a corneal transplant with All-Laser LASIK.  Furthermore, All-Laser LASIK is ideal for patients with high amounts of nearsightedness, large pupils, moderate to high amounts of astigmatism and thin corneas, since the flap is uniform in thickness and the size and thickness can be accurately programmed into the laser before the procedure.


  •  Safe – no partial flaps, free flaps, thick or thin flaps, buttonhole flaps, perforation of the eye – over 1,000,000 femtosecond laser flaps have been created to date, with NO vision threatening complications.
  •  NO Blades – All laser procedure – no cutting
  •  Accurate and predictable flap thickness and diameter – especially important for patients with thin corneas, high degrees of correction and large pupils
  •  Comfort – more comfortable when creating the flap
  •  Better vision – more accurate visual results for some prescriptions


  •  Red eyes – possible for a few days for some patients.  Much less common than with intralase technology.

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