PRK laser treatment – LASIK alternative for patients in DC, VA, MD


PRK laser eye surgery is an alternative to LASIK – PRK provides similar results as LASIK, but without creating a flap.  There are several options for laser eye surgery. PRK laser eye surgery was approved for patients in the USA over 20 years ago, prior to approval of LASIK a few years later.  The same excimer laser is used for both procedures.

The Difference Between PRK & LASIK:  For PRK, all of the treatment occurs on the surface of the eye, rather than under a flap as for LASIK.  For PRK laser eye surgery, the surface layer or epithelial layer of the cornea is removed using a brush or other device.  The healing process is slower than LASIK, since the surface cells must grow back over several days.  Good vision restored in about a week, rather than a few hours as with LASIK, so you have to be more patient after PRK.  Studies indicate that vision after PRK catches up to LASIK after about a month.

Dr. Tanchel has performed thousands of PRK laser eye surgery procedures and we can provide more information during the consultation if needed.

PRK laser eye surgery - a LASIK alternative

PRK – a LASIK alternative

PRK – a LASIK alternative for patients whose job or sports make them vulnerable to eye trauma after laser vision correction.