Testimonials on Video

The ability to hear directly from our patients how we’ve changed their lives is very gratifying.

Our patients have told us how laser vision correction has made life easier and better for them.  Simple things like just waking up and seeing the clock without glasses or contacts, or seeing the shampoo bottle in the shower are real revelations for someone who’s had poor vision for most of their life.

We hope their stories will help you to make the right decision for your eyes!

I couldn’t see the alarm clock in the morning. My eyes were dry and itchy after a long day, and my glasses were thick and uncomfortable. It’s the same story shared by countless others with poor vision.  And like so many others, I have thought about LASIK eye surgery for a long time, wondering if the technology had advanced enough for me to be comfortable and if it was worth the cost. And then I decided to do it. Read More.

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