“Super-vision” is possible with groundbreaking Nidek laser system – now available at Liberty Laser Eye Center

Nancy A. Tanchel

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Liberty Laser Eye Center continues to be at the leading edge of laser eye surgery.

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LASIK Northern Virginia eye doctor Nancy A. Tanchel
Dr. Nancy A. Tanchel is one of only four U.S. physicians to teach other eye surgeons how to use the new Nidek laser.

“We have the new topography-guided Nidek laser, which performs custom treatments based on the shape of the cornea itself,” said Dr. Nancy Tanchel, medical director of Liberty Laser Eye Center. “That is unique and new in the USA.  The closest one is near Philly – other than that one, there are no others on the East Coast.”  Topography guidance with the Nidek laser can provide super-vision.

Earlier this year, we installed the brand-new topography guided excimer laser system and became one of the first to use it in the U.S. Dr. Tanchel is also one of only four physicians in the United States who teaches other doctors how to use this new technology.

Ours was the first installation of this FDA-approved equipment in the U.S., and will allow us to improve the vision of some patients who were not considered good candidates for laser eye surgery in the past.  It also allows us to help people who developed night vision problems or other difficulties with treatments on other types of lasers in the past.

“The advantage of this technology is that it doesn’t try to treat optical problems that are found inside the eye on the surface, like standard custom lasers.  This makes the procedures more accurate and better for patients,” Dr. Tanchel said.

This new generation of laser technology is designed to be far more precise and with fewer night vision side effects than even the most advanced wavefront-guided LASIK.

The new topography-guided technology – known as Customized Aspheric Treatment Zone – maps the patient’s cornea by measuring nearly 7,000 points of light, compared to the approximately 200 points of light measured with traditional wavefront technology.

The before and after images enable the surgeon to correct any nearsightedness and astigmatism with unparalleled precision, as well as smooth out minor irregularities.  That’s how the Nidek laser can provide super-vision.

As a result, nearly half of the LASIK patients treated as part of a FDA clinical study achieved “super-vision” which is considered to be better than 20/20 vision, with reduced risk of post-LASIK complications such as glare and halos.

“The new topography guided Nidek laser is the most precise LASIK technology available and represents a huge advance in laser treatment,” Dr. Tanchel said. “I’m proud to provide the best available service to my patients, and I am honored to be able to teach my fellow eye surgeons how to work with this amazing technology.”

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Dr. Tanchel has been dedicated to refractive eye surgery for many years and has performed more than 15,000 LASIK, All-Laser LASIK and PRK procedures –more than any other woman in America.

Dr. Tanchel is one of a select few full-time refractive LASIK surgeons in the country, and she is one of the only women in the field. Dr. Tanchel was the first woman in the world to have the femtosecond laser in her Tysons Corner eye surgery center.

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