Nancy Tanchel, M.D. Sets Her Sights On 2009 As One Of The Most Skilled Lasik Surgeons In The Country

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Most Experienced Woman in Field  Surpasses 12,000 LASIK, All-Laser LASIK &
PRK surgeries –First Woman in World to Utilize the Femtosecond Laser

VIENNAVA – As the medical director of Vienna-based Liberty Laser EyeCenter ( Nancy Tanchel, M.D. has now performed more than 12,000 LASIK, All-Laser LASIK and PRK surgeries, more than any woman in the United States.

Dr. Tanchel strives to be the finest – and the first – while utilizing the best equipment in the world.  In 2003 she was the first to acquire the Intralase femtosecond laser.

Dr. Tanchel is now the first laser correction surgeon in the Mid-Atlantic Region to offer the Z-LASIK, which is a LASIK procedure performed with the Ziemer FEMTO LDV femtosecond Surgical Laser in conjunction with any of the leading excimer lasers. The new Ziemer laser greatly reduces the likelihood of any complications.

“Our experienced team is so eager to use the best equipment that’s available,” said Dr. Tanchel.

Dr. Tanchel, is a board certified surgeon. Liberty Laser Eye Center is widely regarded as one of the most state-of-the art centers in the country. “Our mission is to offer the latest and best in laser vision correction to those who have had to depend on corrective lenses,” said Dr. Tanchel.

From the time she earned a doctorate in medicine at Emory University inAtlanta, Dr. Tanchel gained the trust of her many patients and often shares her vast knowledge with her peers. She is so widely regarded as an expert laser vision correction surgeon that she recently presented a lecture on the Z-LASIK procedure at a medical conference in Atlanta.

Said Dr. Tanchel, “I believe it’s important to develop a relationship with our patients as soon as they walk through our doors for the very first time.”

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