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In 1989, a United States patent was granted to Gholam A. Peyman, MD, for a method of modifying the corneal curvature of the eye with a laser-assisted surgical procedure in which a flap was cut in the cornea, the flap pulled back to expose the corneal bed, the exposed surface ablated and the flap replaced.


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More than 150 million Americans use corrective lenses to compensate for refractive errors. Americans spend more than $15 billion each year on eyewear. (Source: Vision Problems in the U.S.: Prevalence of Adult Vision Impairment and Age-Related Eye Disease in America. Prevent Blindness America and the National Eye Institute, 2008.)


78422896 (1)19 million

As of 2013, over 19 million LASIK procedures had been performed in the United States. (Source: 2013 Market Scope, LLC)


The American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) reports that seven out of 10 patients achieve 20/20 vision, but 20/20 does not always mean perfect vision. After laser refractive surgery, most patients enjoy improved (not necessarily perfect) vision without their old glasses. Nobody guarantees 20/20, 20/25, or 20/30 vision. If you hear such claims, consider finding another eye surgeon.

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Number of U.S. surgeons including Dr. Nancy Tanchel of Liberty Laser Eye Center who teach other eye surgeons to perform procedures on the new topography guided Excimer laser system. Liberty Laser Eye Center was the first to install the machine in the country.


Number of laser eye surgey procedures that Dr. Nancy Tanchel of Liberty Laser Eye Center has performed.


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Complication rates for Lasik surgery are estimated to be relatively low. However, Lasik complication rates vary by surgeon. Talk to your surgeon about his or her personal rates of complication and success for surgery. You want an experienced eye surgeon with a high success rate not the lowest price in their advertisements.

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