Is cheap LASIK the best? Ultra-Cheap LASIK is fake advertising

ultra-cheap LASIK is fake advertising

We see ads for cheap LASIK – $299, even $220 LASIK per eye. How is that LASIK cost possible, when reputable centers charge a higher price? People who would qualify for these low prices, don’t actually need LASIK – their vision is too good.  Ultra-cheap $220 LASIK cost is fake advertising. These are bait-and-switch tactics, used by shady marketers to lure you into these centers. The surgery offered for these prices is less safe alternatives that are much riskier, using razor-type blades and old laser technology.  If you have astigmatism, want to get post-op appointments, or even see the surgeon and get a true consultation – the price goes way up.

The US Government has recently fined one of the big LASIK chain providers for false advertising – they had to pay over $1,250,000 for misleading the public with bait-and-switch advertising!

See below:

FTC Charges LasikPlus with bait-and-switch pricing

Wall Street Journal – Operator of LasikPlus Vision Correction Clinics Lured Customers with Deceptive Advertising

It’s sad to see a great procedure, which changes people’s lives, trivialized and advertised this way. The ability to fix the problems of all kinds of vision is now safer than ever, if you go to a reputable doctor. However, these modern lasers are not inexpensive, so the one-time LASIK cost for great care is not likely to be the cheapest in town. However, your eyes need to last your entire life. Do your research and pick the safest place that will care for your eyes now and into the future. A specialist in refractive surgery is your best choice.  Remember, ultra-cheap $299 LASIK is fake advertising!

Also, you can use flex-spending, HSA’s and other modern payment choices to cover the one-time cost of Laser Vision Correction. Financing using Care Credit or other alternatives is also an option.

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