$200 LASIK is Illegal Advertising – FTC agrees!

$200 LASIK = Bait & Switch Advertising by corporate laser centers: Scam Alert!

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Corporate Laser Centers are guilty of bait & switch advertising. Don’t be fooled!

When you hear or see ads for $200 LASIK per eye  – run in the opposite direction because they’re lying to you! 

Those fake $200 LASIK prices are bait and switch advertising from big corporate laser chains that don’t care about you, the patient.  They are only interested in the bottom line for them.  The truth is that no one who actually wants LASIK qualifies for the “deal”.  If you read the fine print, it states that people who qualify for the low price are people who wouldn’t want LASIK because they really don’t even need glasses to see clearly.  These big chains just want to get you in the front door, so they can then “upcharge” you for post-op visits and other add-ons (which should be included) to raise your price significantly.  They’re hoping you don’t take the time to go elsewhere to learn more about your eyes and the best way to get you out of glasses and contact lenses.  Your doctor should be someone you can trust.

Medical procedures should not be advertised this way and the US Government agrees – they have finally found one of the big chain LASIK centers guilty of advertising violations.  Your eyes are one of your most precious possessions – you want the best people taking care of you and your eyes.  LASIK is a great procedure; it should be done by a surgeon who really cares about her patients and takes care of you from the beginning to the end of your post-op visits.  No one really offers $200 LASIK and the government is finally holding them accountable for false advertising.

At Liberty Laser Eye Center, Dr. Tanchel meets you and examines your eyes during the free consultation, and sees you during every visit.  We are honest professionals who put the patient first.  Our prices are generally lower than the corporate chains for the best and safest treatments.  Schedule your free consultation online and see the difference.  We want you to see better than 20/20 in 2020.


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